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Justin Shaw

WP Tweaks has been an invaluable resource for our company. They have helped us resolve technical issues that other WordPress developers could not. Great customer service, they went above any beyond for us, we always felt like we mattered as a client! Highly recommend you give them a try.

HTTP Error when uploading media

Probably THE most annoying error in WordPress. Mainly because it’s so non-descriptive and proffers nothing so you can try and solve the issue. I’m not entirely sure why it happens. I’ve used WordPress for nearly 9 years and have seen it on and off in the last 4 maybe. Normally it goes away of it’s… Read More

Rob Ziegelbaum

WP Tweaks has been excellent in helping me manage and update my business website. Their staff are knowledgeable and perform all tasks in a timely manner. It is a pleasure to work with them.

Tim Nash

Finding WP Tweaks was a godsend. I’ve used a number of companies and individuals to try and maintain and develop my website, and every time I was left frustrated and out of pocket. But with WP Tweaks I’ve experienced a courteous, transparent, professional service that I can’t fault! Nomad Podcast

Our no nonsense approach to pricing

I recently had a conversation with another businessman about pricing. His tactic like so many was to price things at 9.99 or 49. The power of nines he explains, it makes the customer think they are paying less you see! I scoffed, sighed and said that this is probably quite an old “selling technique” and… Read More

The Curse of WordPress

Working on a WordPress project is good. The flexibility of the platform means you can achieve amazing things with it. However there is a WordPress curse which can mean trying to make a living from WordPress tough. OK it’s not really a WordPress curse, it can probably apply to other open source projects but none… Read More