WordPress Support, Price & Service Comparison

WordPress Support, Price & Service Comparison

I thought I’d draw up a quick comparison table showing some pricing of a couple of packages between us and another two big players in the WordPress maintenance market.

As you can see we are competitively priced and work just as hard to please our customers! A recent post on WP Site Care’s blog say they have priced themselves deliberately high, they must be going for the Stella Artois approach…reassuringly expensive. Here at WP Tweaks we don’t want to rip anyone off, with a focus of building our customer base, keeping them happy and expanding through 2016.

The below table shows some of the basics included in each companies “bottom” package. We think we are doing pretty well. Sign up and we will prove it to you!

WP Site Care WP Curve WP Tweaks
Bottom Package Cost (per month) $99 $79 $50
Middle Package Cost (per month) $349 $99 $95
Top Package Cost (per month) $999 $99 $95
The following are based on the bottom package from prominent information on each website
Cloud Backup of Files and Database Yes No Yes
24/7 Security Monitoring & Hack Clean-ups Yes No Yes
WordPress and Plugin Updates Yes No Yes
Tutorial Videos Yes No Yes
User and Content Tracking Yes No Yes
Tweaks (small jobs) Included No Yes Yes
Website Healthcheck No No Yes
Hosting Discount No No Yes

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