Our no nonsense approach to pricing

I recently had a conversation with another businessman about pricing. His tactic like so many was to price things at 9.99 or 49. The power of nines he explains, it makes the customer think they are paying less you see!

I scoffed, sighed and said that this is probably quite an old “selling technique” and consumers are wise to it now. He scoffed back and completely disagreed “it’s been proven, that stats are there blah blah blah”.

I accepted that old stats might be there but I kept my stance that the modern consumer is much more wise to pricing and other gimmicks.

What it did do is highlight something about me and WP Tweaks as a company. Our no nonsense approach to everything we do including pricing. Our basic package is $50! That’s right $50 not $49.99 and it’s not because we want another cent out of you, it’s because we respect our clients enough not to try any stupid pricing gimmicks. Let’s face it the people who are using the power of nines really want the full amount but they think their potential clientèle are stupid and will refuse their service over one cent or a dollar.

We are very competitively priced and always keep an eye on our competitors. Go and have a look, they are all trying to fool you with price gimmicks, every other competitor’s pricing I have seen use it.

Food for thought.

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